Sunday, March 25, 2012

Project space: Neighborhoods.

      The city of Pacoima, home of rock and roll legends, and actors. I've grown up in this city, so i know it pretty well. But on my day job as a pizza delivery boy, I see the whole neighborhood different to everyone else. Today, I saw the neighborhood and how the "space" can change instinctively. 
      In the morning everything seem peaceful, the Cesar Chavez March was going on. The streets was packed with marchers so the space felt very social and public. Food carts everywhere and activities going on, it was a different feeling than just a regular day, a great day to walk and explore the streets. But as the afternoon and the rain approached the space quickly changed.  The rain rapidly trapped everyone in there houses and the neighborhood emptied. The rain itself changed the space into a lonely and isolated space. But as I continued my pizza routs the space changed again. Traffic, non-working street lights, car crashes, police sirens and angry customers that didn't receive their pizza on time filled the neighborhood. The space completely changed to hectic and out of control! But as the day continued and the rain slowly stopped and people left there house once again, the space turned into a new, improved and clean space and environment.
      My day was pretty hectic and experience the space changing along with everyone else.  The neighborhood is a set and permanent place. But the space it takes up can change instinctively due to weather, events or location.

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