Sunday, March 4, 2012

Project Space: Orange Groves.

Once, when CSUN was not CSUN, it was completely orange groves. Now CSUN has come to be as we know, but still kept part of it's history.  Our group decided to do the orange groves off CSUN. It's an amazing sight to see, and an amazing thought to grasp that once, orange groves was all CSUN was. So keeping part of the orange groves as a part of CSUN services as a historical landmark for the whole community. The orange grove is amazing, includes an observatory, a duck pond, and of course the orange tress. It can be a very quiet place but also a very populated place. So it can both fit a learning facility due to the observatory and the quietness of the duck pond for studying, and for recreation due to the peacefulness off the pond and orange tress, and the attraction of the ducks and animal life.
My space can be considered the complete opposite. My room is very loud. There is always loud music blasting or ESPN on full volume. It can be a welcoming place due to the bright colors, posters and pictures posted. I consider my room to be a very good explanation off myself. Enter and you will find, a guitar, a piano, a stereo, many posters of rappers and artist, to show my love for music. You will also find many trophies, athletic clothing and shoes, photo albums and newspapers albums, and soccer balls to show my love for sports. My space can be very loud and self explanatory. But i guess everyone else's space has there own story too.  

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