Sunday, April 15, 2012

As Nature made him: Nature vs Nurture.

     This idea of, Nature verses nurture puzzled me at first and i thought it was very interesting. I thought about it long and hard, and i thought both could be right and both could be the right one. I could not decided on which one I was leaning towards too, and this bugged me. 
      I'm not lying when I said I thought about it all day, that I started asking other people on their opinion. I thought that i would absolutely find that most people would be confused on which one to pick, and I was right. But what puzzled me was the certainty of some people, how they right away shook their head and were so sure of their answer. This happened for both, some so sure of the nature option and some sure of the nurture option. 
I took a look at the other blogs and i also found the same thing. The responses were cut up. Some saying "you can't cheat nature" and others explaining how it depends on what the individual feels as they grow up. It amazes me how people have so much to say on this idea of nature verses nurture, and i still can't seem to chose.  
     People's opinions can be hard to change and if science seems unsure or still haven't found an answer, seems like  we have basically no proof to back up our answers. Seems like we can only put our self's in the shoes of an individual in that situation and wonder how confusing it would be. Nature can't be cheated.? or follow our minds and hearts.? who knows.

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  1. I also think its very hard to choose between Nature vs Nurture, but I tend to lean towards nature. I believe you can't change natures path. I think its so hard for people to decide and distinguish between the two because so many experiments have been preformed to prove both sides, we don't know which side has been proven, or if either has.