Monday, February 13, 2012

when the controller, controls you..

video games are harmless, right?  Not in the the movie Gamer. In this movie, video gaming just got a whole lot more intense. Criminals don't go to prison, the are actually used as real living avatars in the video game "slayer." Gamer's can control the criminals every action in a war like game and these criminals have no way to resist. But in this game when these criminals are killed, they are permenatly killed. While the gamers can simply just pick a new charecter.
This movie can say alot about real life. It's poking fun at the video gamers, It's trying to prove a point that adults and children are not being benifited from long hours of playing. Long hours of playing can be bad; from taking time away from homework and work,  long hours of no physical activity, and just simply taking time away from learing how to physicaly interact with people. One detail I took from this is that in the movie, gamers can control actual humans. In a sense, in real life gamers play for long time and are addicted to the game, that becomes the players reality. Gamers play this maybe cause they are unsatisfied with there current lives, or they need some sort of relief, but for whatever reason they would much rather be playing this video game than be living in there current life. So this can become as an escape, or an alternative life or person. Also when they avater dies, a real human dies too. When gamers play for long hours and are addicted in a sense the gamer dies too. They want to just play and live in this fake world to get rid of and escape thier current lives. The gamer doesn't litterally die but is lost in this game and comes to want nothing but.

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  1. there clearly is a similarity between the people playing the slayers, and video gamers playing games such as modern warfare, or call of duty. Like you said the prisioners are avatars in the game and that's about the only difference there is. Once a slayer is killed, he is killed for real unlike the avatars in call of duty. I feel like what makes this type of games so addicting to people is because it brings them adrenaline. Perhaps killing people and being in the battlefield might sound thrilling and it's a reality for some people, like real soldiers. But other people would rather "live" this life in the confort of their homes, where there is no danger. So in a way gamers are living in a fictional world by playing this video games.