Sunday, January 29, 2012

El Face vs Myspace.

Myspace; The queen of gossip. Middle school kids and incoming high scholars left to comment and post whatever the heck their minds please. Then comes Facebook, which is pretty much the same thing but both have vastly different reputations.  After reading, Implications of User Choice: The Cultural Logic of “MySpace or Facebook?”, I started to recall my transition from Myspace to El face and how I fitted right into Danah Boyd explanation on the transition. I was surprised, astonished, amazed and humored on how right and correctly he explained the transition.
Many of the transitions where most likely caused by friends switching social websites, as Danah Boyd explained "people go where friends go."  I agree with this very much, most people did not switch websites without knowing at least one person they know would be there. These social websites are called "social" for a reason. Most of the time people will not socialize with random people. Social websites are made so members can socialize with friends and people they are familiar with so people look for the social websites with the greatest activity. Facebook was the place. Boyd also explains his and common views on the differences of these social websites. He explains that the distinctions between these two websites can be put upon taste, social economic status, and education. I reacted very surprisingly, i do agree with this very much but its very mind boggling how it all works. As the hip hop and gossip full myspace has a different audience from the procrastinating students on facebook.  
I' ll admit, i did switch to facebook because of friends. I saw everyone making the switch so i did too.  I don't mean to fall into the educated, classy group of Facebook but I guess I do. Embarrassing to say, but I did and I think everyone else did too, design my profile a certain way. I put up what in want people to see. Funny stories, pictures, videos, comments, and conversations all of them I would not mind people looking at them. I do not think I or anyone else will purposely post something we wouldn't want other people seeing or knowing. so i guess we all designed our profile a certain way. A more perfect and less embarrassing version of ourselves.

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